Carefully Select Useful Columns to Display in Your Reports

In previous posts, we have highlighted the benefit of being able to use the “Table Filter” to vastly increase your options for further analyzing your content. In this example below, a view of the pages within a Folder that contain “Control” within the Type column are displayed.

Consider amplifying the benefit of Table Filters ten-fold (or more) by applying them to your Report or Advanced Search. When you create an Advanced Search or a custom report, you may choose which columns you would like to be displayed in your results. In addition to some of the standard columns such as Icon, Template Type, Name and Stage, you can select columns for output that allow you to make key business decisions.

For example, which process owners should be notified of this period’s failed tests? Including the Full Folder Path among the displayed columns may help many companies to easily see the processes associated with the period’s failed tests.

You have a new manager in the Procurement department who is responsible for ensuring that the group’s policies and procedures are up to date. Including the “Last Edit Date” may be helpful in determining which documents are in urgent need of attention.

The above examples include options that are among the standard Columns available for each report. Other standard columns include:


Remember that virtually every element that you configure into policyIQ becomes reportable information. So, each of your fields on your templates is also an option that can be used for analysis in your reports. This means that your report of all tests for the San Diego plant can also include a breakdown of “Sample Size” to aid with your test plans. You can include “Initiating Department” in your report of Contracts expiring in the next 90 days or “Systems Used” in your report of IT procedures that are being outsourced to a third party.

The next time you are looking for information, get into the Reports module and explore your options for filtering and customizing the display by selecting meaningful variables for your columns. This video on Reporting on Key Information may be the best investment of 60 minutes that you make all day!