Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from your friends at policyIQ!

Holiday Message

December 2014

Celebrating the season!

Greetings from the policyIQ Team! As the cold weather settles in throughout the U.S., our policyIQ team continues to bustle with activity through the winter Holidays. In place of our monthly newsletter, we decided to take a moment to reflect on the policyIQ “gifts” of 2014, our excitement over the coming version 7.4, and begin to build the anticipation for some cool new features on the horizon…

A Professional GRC Tool—kicked up a notch!

Our clients using policyIQ for Risk and Compliance activities, Audit, Policies and Procedures, Contract tracking (and more) saw the introduction of many new features in 2014 that are making them more effective and able to monitor work and make business decisions in a fraction of the time!

This year brought the introduction of Calculated Fields (policyIQ is doing “math”!) and welcomed the hotly anticipated Track Changes feature for policyIQ’s Rich (HTML) Text Fields. We added conveniences throughout the workflow of content including the ability to email more than one page at a time, automation with recurring email notifications, the ability to upload multiple files at once, and a place to track the conversation between reviewers and those updating content in the Comments Thread. Reporting was improved with the addition of new filters and the ability to select and display more information in the output, among other enhancements.

policyIQ also became significantly more powerful with features to support massive amounts of data in Supplier Surveys; providing immediate relief and an advantage for companies subject to the SEC’s Conflict Minerals rule.

Of course, there were lots of other features released in 2014—this is just a sampling. Check out the detailed rundown within the Release Notes. They are always available in the Support section of your online policyIQ Help manual.

New Year’s Resolutions for policyIQ:

We all know how busy this time of year can be. Speaking of which—wouldn’t it be nice to track Time & Expenses directly in policyIQ? The wait is not far off! policyIQ 7.4 will feature a Time & Expense module used to capture and track the hours and expenses associated with project tasks. We’re looking at you, audit professionals, and hoping to help you to more efficiently manage audits, auditors and to use the information for planning future audits.

Policy management professionals, contract reviewers, and those responsible for safety, training and disaster recovery will likely be happy to see our feature that keeps a version of content visible at all times (even while it is being edited). Users will never lose sight of content following v7.4.

We are forever pursuing features that keep you moving and create convenience within the flow of your everyday work. Along those lines, with 7.4, we are introducing the ability to schedule reports and the delivery of report results to any email address—no need to login to check on status or progress of work!

This next feature takes convenience in the flow of your everyday work to a new level: Up to this point, we have always been only a desktop-based application. While that remains largely true, we’re excited to be experimenting with a mobile-based version of policyIQ that would allow users to access a “light” version of their site. In this environment, users can respond to forms, read pages, and browse folders in a simplified user interface—great for policyIQ users that are on the go and need to take quick action in their site. More to come in 2015 on these exciting updates!

Thank you, everyone!

We have enjoyed a great year in 2014. A big part of our continued success comes from hearing your ideas for policyIQ, and working with you to take your business to the next level. We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your business and partnership.

Happy Holidays! This season, may you be blessed with laughter, peace and prosperity. We’re looking forward to continuing to build our friendship in the coming year!

With Warm Regards,
The policyIQ Team

What can you look forward to with policyIQ’s version 7.2?

Happy New Year, policyIQ Friends! As we turned over to the 2014 calendar, we introduced policyIQ’s version 7.2 to the first wave of clients. This latest release includes features that serve a wide range of policyIQ users. If you’d like to get right to the technical details, follow this link to the release notes. Read on for a peek at the highlights.

More easily populate content using the Import utility

If you are one of those clients who take advantage of the Import utility, you can now easily toggle back and forth between the table where you are analyzing the results of your Import and the table listing your Imports using the “Back to Imports” option that was added to the toolbar.

New time savers in Roles

If you recently began using policyIQ or are expanding your use of policyIQ to new areas, you may find some new options related to Roles to be helpful.

First, you can now copy one of the existing standard policyIQ Roles as a starting place for a new role that you would like to create. For example, to give different teams mutually exclusive access to policyIQ, you can copy the Group Administrator role and enable the “Add Root Folder”, “Add Root Group” and “Add Template” permissions to create a new role for the different team leaders. For more information, check out our related post “Practical Application: How do I really use policyIQ for multiple purposes?”

Another enhancement introduced with 7.2 and related to Roles is that the core Roles in any new policyIQ site have been locked down. That is, the permissions of your standard policyIQ Roles cannot be changed. Coupled with the ability to Copy a Role, this is an advantage or improvement because it helps the administrators of your site and the policyIQ Support team to better support your users while simplifying your ability to create custom roles. One of the fundamental items to check when users are not seeing what they expect, or do not have the access that they expected, is the user’s Role. If someone had changed the permissions of a client’s standard roles, it would not have been initially apparent to the troubleshooter and could have prolonged the time to arrive at a resolution.

policyIQ has learned to do math!

We’ve had clients using policyIQ for Account Reconciliations, monitoring of leases and vendors, tracking of Risk Assessment conclusions—and a whole slew of other things—for quite some time. Maybe you’ve heard us say that policyIQ is used for “administration” of these processes. We always want to err on the side of being honest…and until recently, clients were really not using policyIQ to perform the reconciliation. They were using policyIQ for the administration of the process around reconciliations, contract approval, and so on. With policyIQ’s version 7.2, clients can now use the “Calculated Fields” to actually calculate and display the balance, variance, contract amount, lease payment, etc. We’re very excited about this long awaited development!

Ongoing development to support Conflict Minerals compliance

We are proud to have partnered with experts around the U.S. to be among the first of firms and technology developers to offer comprehensive support for compliance with the Dodd-Frank Conflict Mineral Provision. With version 7, we have continued to make performance improvements on the application and to add features that better support the Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry (RCOI) supplier survey process. Check out our Release Notes to learn how we are supporting analysis of supplier and part-level surveys.

Babysitting—policyIQ is even doing that now

A couple of years ago we presented a webinar on how policyIQ is used to help manage, collect and report on questionnaires for things like 302 Certification. We talked about that pesky human condition called procrastination that was really out of reach of policyIQ. Turns out we were wrong!

Back then, we told you that you could go to Activities/Issued Forms and take advantage of the instant inventory of responses to easily send email reminders to those who still had outstanding or “open” forms. Now, with version 7.2, policyIQ offers you the option to prescribe the reminders for open forms, including the

  • Frequency of reminders
  • Day of the week that you’d like reminders to go out
  • Start and end date of reminders for any given Form Bundle
  • And customized email Subject and Message

So, we can make easy work of chasing down those people who tend to need ongoing reminders. Nice!

Exciting times!

We are thrilled to be starting 2014 with such momentum! The policyIQ Team is committed to listening to our clients, getting you the functionality that you need—fast—and continuously improving this tool that you rely on to make you more effective and more efficient.

Cheers to 2014! We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with you. Thank you for all of your feedback!