Customer Partnership for Upcoming Features!

Our policyIQ team has created a new partnership with our customers in an effort to discover, test, and deploy new features into upcoming releases of the software.  Greg Hoover (Support Analyst and Business Analyst, has been meeting via webcasts with our clients to discuss future product releases, specific needs within their industry, and other policyIQ needs.

Our team then creates mock-ups of our ideas for a given solution, and work with customers to decide if this is the type of solution they are looking for.  If it seems like a solution that our clients will stand to gain from, we move forward with internal discussions about developing this new feature to our product.

Greg and our leaders at policyIQ then set each feature at a different priority, based on customer feedback.  Currently, we have several different features that are being tested, shown to clients, and adjusted based on their feedback.

If you would like to discuss a feature request of your own, or view some of the upcoming features that are currently in development, please contact Greg and our Development team via the Support Team:

Help Prioritize Features for Future policyIQ Development

As we were developing version 7.0, we leaned on many of you to help us determine what features were winners and which features were… well, not so valuable.  (It turns out that most of our users didn’t even know that you had “Favorites” available in the left navigation, and “RSS Feeds” were so rarely used that they were seen as clutter.)

Our development team hasn’t rested since the release of version 7.0, though.  They moved beyond the major release of policyIQ’s version 7.0 and have already rolled out version 7.1, which includes features necessary for the application of policyIQ to Conflict Minerals compliance programs, along with performance enhancements to hRank-Features-Feedbackandle even larger amounts of data that benefit all policyIQ clients.

While we continue to set our sights on the future, we would appreciate your thoughts regarding the priorities of features that we are investigating. Our team has begun to research a number of items and is considering the value and priority of these features:

  • Track changes – a Microsoft Word-like feature that will use color and strikethrough-like features to identify the changes being proposed by various users. This feature may allow the page edits to be captured within the Change History
  • Import to update – the ability to use the Import utility to update fields of pages in policyIQ (in addition to being able to create new pages). Users could then capture changes in Excel and apply those changes to policyIQ pages via import rather than making changes to pages one page at a time or in bulk via the table toolbar.
  • Calculated fields – in short, with this feature it would be possible for policyIQ to perform math. For example, variances could be calculated for Account Reconciliations, or rating fields could take multiple factors into account when assessing a Risk.
  • Keep version visible – we are researching a feature that allows a version of a page to remain visible when the page is unpublished for editing.
  • Batch Reporting – would you like to systematically run reports and have them emailed to you or others on a schedule?
  • T&E tracking – Inspired by our audit clients, we are looking into the development of Time and Expense tracking capability.

Which of these ideas is most important to you? Please contact us and let us know how you would rank these features. If we’ve left something out that is important to you, we’d like to know that, too!

As always, we can’t make any guarantees on a specific feature, but we can guarantee that we’re building features with YOU in mind.