Spotlight on Higher Education

We hope that everyone is enjoying summer break and looking forward to a productive and fruitful 2016-17 school year! For the same amount of time that this year’s college seniors have been in school, policyIQ has been in the business of supporting organizations with more effective and efficient Policy Management. To that end, we recognize that these supports are critical:

Unique Needs of Higher Ed

We are grateful for the partnerships that we have with institutions of higher education to support their unique needs in policy management. Similar to the healthcare organizations that we serve, educational organizations have internal/administrative policies and procedures, as well as policy documentation that is directed to the audience that they serve. In the case of schools, we are talking about their students and faculty.

Organizations with both internal and external audiences often oversee various methods or systems for disseminating information. Part of the challenge that they are continually working to meet is keeping track of all of their documentation, recalling what system it is managed from and where it is in the process of upkeep and compliance. While policyIQ can certainly be the home base for all documentation in organizations that have decentralized audiences, it could also be the hub for mapping documentation to its various outlets. By using the database behind policyIQ to track precisely where documentation is to be found, to whom it must be made available, and which processes are related to it, organizations can ensure that the latest iterations are properly communicated to all pertinent audiences.

Remember, policyIQ is also a great place to capture compliance documentation!

Is your staff properly trained and certified on key procedures? Do you have a means for monitoring and verifying, in real time, who has signed-off on corporate policies? Does your organization have a central point of reference for standards and regulatory requirements? Can you map your organization’s policies and procedures to said requirements and provide evidence of coverage?


This can be your resounding answer to all of these questions with policyIQ.

Today, “Governance, Risk and Compliance” is relevant for organizations of all shapes and sizes—public and not-for-profit. Powerful and affordable, policyIQ can help your organization to be more effective and efficient, too! Contact us at to begin or expand your implementation today.

RGP launches Pavisse software to address Healthcare Compliance

RHSHave you heard? RGP Healthcare, the healthcare unit of Resources Global Professionals (RGP), has just launched a new software application that is specifically targeted to the healthcare industry’s world of compliance. The application (aptly named Pavisse, which refers to “a medieval shield large enough to protect the whole body”), is an incident management software system, designed to automate the reporting of potential safety and other incidents to regulatory bodies.

At RGP, our goal is to continually enhance the smooth day-to-day operations of your organization, whether it is through the provision of our highly experienced consultants or our advanced technology solutions.

  • First, we brought you policyIQ, to help all types of companies to better manage many different types of internal content, processes and compliance programs.
  • And now we bring to you Pavisse, the “first-of-its-kind integrated incident management” tool that will help hospitals to protect patient safety and privacy, to improve their safety score, and to stay within medical standards and regulations.

Check out the January 31st, 2013 News Release which provides further insight to the capabilities of the Pavisse program.

If you are in the healthcare industry, do you want to improve your safety score and save time and money on audits?  Or, perhaps, you know of someone that could really benefit from this application.  Either way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about the potentials of Pavisse!  We will be happy to connect you with the RGP Healthcare team to learn more about this new offering.