Realize gains from collaboration between Compliance and HR

Talk of building a collaborative enterprise to increase productivity and working cross-functionally has been around for years now. But have companies really implemented and reaped the rewards of making a shift to a more collaborative workplace? The truth is, like redirecting a speeding train, it is difficult to change the course of a corporation. Many companies still work in silos and still struggle to develop partnerships across key functions.

A recent Compliance Week article drew a spotlight to this challenge, to the benefits and business case for keeping collaboration a top priority and provided tips on how to foster better working relationships between key players. In the article, which focuses on bridging the gap between Compliance and HR, author Jaclyn Jaeger cited several sources listing a range of benefits of Compliance and HR working together, including

  • An improved organizational culture
  • An ethical culture
  • Consolidation of efforts (streamlining of resources and cost savings)
  • More effective and efficient implementation of compliance-related processes
  • Earlier detection of compliance issues

Jaeger reminds us that the Human Capital function is focused on people—and that people are the constant, central and fundamental foundation of everything that a company sets out to accomplish. Of course the Compliance function (and every other team) stands to benefit from incorporating HR players into key decisions and processes.

We encourage you to jump over to Jaeger’s “How Compliance and HR Can Get It Together” to gather tips on how your Compliance and HR teams can work together.

collaboration-imageWe also want to remind you that RGP is ready to mobilize professionals (with an average of 18 years’ experience) in Human Capital and in Compliance fields to lead or support your transition to a more collaborative, productive and effective culture that better ensures early detection of compliance and productivity issues.

RGP’s in-house application, policyIQ, has served many organizations in both of these functions and throughout the business. Grant teams from different units the appropriate access to department-specific content or shared access to content that serves multiple functions. Easy online (and secure) access, tracking of a single master version of content, the ability to quickly find and report on key variables and the assurance of a complete audit trail of changes are just some of the benefits availed to you in this very affordable and powerful tool.

Contact us for more information about our professional services and policyIQ and start building those partnerships today!