RGP and policyIQ can help get the most from your Merger or Acquisition!

mergerCost reduction due to improved efficiencies is just one of the ways that an acquisition or a merger can translate into a new company that is more valuable than the sum of its original parts.  However, there is no doubt that the process of bringing two companies together into one is a difficult and sensitive process.  The gains that are expected as a result of the M&A transaction are not guaranteed and a few bad decisions along the way can spell disaster.

RGP has been helping companies tackle those issues, with a focus on creating value from mergers and acquisitions.  RGP’s Acquisition Integration Services brings some of the most experienced acquisition specialists from around the world to help organizations navigate the delicate process of bringing two unique companies together as one.

Join RGP’s CPE event on M&A Readiness!

Join George Chin, RGP’s Managing Director of Transaction Services, on Thursday, February 26th at Noon ET for a one hour CPE event that will provide guidance on how to assess your organization’s readiness for an M&A transaction.  Register today – and even if you can’t attend, you will be given access to the recording of the session just a few days following the event.

policyIQ can help from both sides of the transaction!

Whether you are in the middle of an M&A transaction, preparing for the possibility of one, or you just want to make sure that you would be ready if the opportunity presents itself – policyIQ can help your organization.

For an organization that is to be merged or is being acquired, policyIQ offers an easily accessible, secure location to gather and review internal documentation, and to make it available to the other party.  If you are already using policyIQ, you can extend your use to ensure that you have a single place of record for policies, procedures, controls, audit testing, job descriptions, organizational charts and much more.

If your organization is acquiring an additional business entity, policyIQ can be an extremely effective way to communicate, streamline policies and procedures, and capture all necessary documentation.  The flexible nature of the policyIQ application allows you to easily extend your current structure to bring in a new entity.  While it may take time to bring the new entity fully into alignment with existing company structures, policyIQ allows for the subtle differences and can be shifted over time.

Let us know! 

The best way that we can help you to make the most of policyIQ through your M&A transaction is to let us know when it is happening.  We know that these transactions are often extremely sensitive.  RGP and the policyIQ team already have a confidentiality obligation to all of our clients, and we’ll be happy to sign additional non-disclosures if deemed necessary in order to help.  We also recommend that you reach out to your local RGP office (or let us connect you) to talk about your challenges and learn how RGP’s Integration / Transaction Services can help!