Highlights from our policyIQ Version 7.0 Release Notes Review

We are so excited to be fast approaching the production release of policyIQ’s Version 7.0! Keep in mind for future reference that the most up-to-date Release Notes are always available in the online policyIQ Help guide.  You can also arrive at the latest version for v7 by clicking this link.

We recently hosted a visual tour through the highlights of the Release Notes. If you missed it, read on for a summary or pan down to the bottom to launch a video preview of what’s changed and what’s new in v7.


A few new terms are introduced with version 7. Most notably, we’ve simplified the language around Forms. We have often explained to users that they can bundle forms together to simplify administration of several forms at once and referred to the bundle as a Form List. As with previous releases of policyIQ, when we realize we’re saying the same thing over and over to explain or describe something, that’s a sign that we could improve terminology. Form Lists are now referred to as “Bundled Forms”.

Similarly, we found ourselves saying that “Activities” refers to the activity that takes place after a form has been sent out or issued to respondents. In v7, the left navigation now displays “Issued Forms” so that Form Administrators can plainly see where they need to go to monitor the activities related to previously issued forms.

Cross-browser Compatibility

For some time, we have publicly shared that policyIQ’s next release would introduce the accessibility of the application from all browsers. We have actively tested version 7 from Internet Explorer’s v7 and higher, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

Among our top priorities for 2013 is further testing and policyIQ development to allow access from mobile devices.

Left Navigation

Likely, the most visible change brought about with version 7 is the new look and behavior of policyIQ’s left navigation pane.

  • We have removed modules and streamlined options at the top level of the structure. In addition to the relief of not having to know which module to go to in order to change the order of Folders, for example, users also have the convenience of being able to work within more than one top level structure at a time (rather than policyIQ auto-closing one module in order to work in another).
  • With the elimination of modules, we have reordered items at the top level of the left navigation menu and consolidated like items together. You will find that all things page-related are together under “Page Management”. Likewise, all things form-related are consolidated under Form Management.
  • “Users” is a top level navigation structure now, pulling the customizability for Groups and Users and for Roles under one heading.
  • Tools & Settings is the navigation menu that you will go to for many site related settings that were once found within the Setup module’s “System Setup” menu. Find most commonly used tools toward the top of the list.
  • Another cool feature regarding the left navigation pane in policyIQ’s version 7.0 is that it is now resizable! Drag the border to widen the navigation pane or to make it narrower. You can also click to fully collapse the left navigation panel to gain more real estate for your work or analysis in the table to the right.
  • Security is intact! In previous versions of policyIQ, users would only “see” what they were permitted to see. The same rules hold true for this latest version. policyIQ is simply more “intelligent” than ever—allowing users of all types to access one folder structure, for example, and each set of users can only do or see what is permitted by his permissions and local rights.


More powerful and easier to user are themes that drove our development throughout changes and additions in the table area of policyIQ’s version 7.

  • At the top of the table area, Search is ever-present. What’s new is the ability to return Forms and Reports in search results. With the removal of modules, this centralized search capability is smarter and more helpful than ever!
  • The feature that has caused the greatest roar of cheers in the table is the Table Filter. Like policyIQ’s Search feature, you can type any portion of a word to execute a search or filter of all items in that table column that contain those characters. In Figure 1 below, “pol” is entered in the Type Table Filter, narrowing the list of 704 different published items down to just the 21 policies visible to this user. Clients have raved that they expect to reduce the need for and number of reports that they have to create because the table has become such a powerful tool for analysis.

Figure 11301_Release-Notes_TableFilter

  • Performance is greatly enhanced with version 7. Users can scroll through and highlight hundreds of items in the table in real time. No more delays waiting for the database to process your request to highlight multiple items. You don’t have to select whether you want to display 25 or 500 items. With the improved speed and performance of the table, there is no longer a need for a pagination bar. You will always be able to easily see any of the items that you are looking for in the table.
  • Along the lines of a “more intelligent policyIQ”, the Toolbar from which users choose a wide range of actions is now more streamlined and user-friendly than ever. We have worked to eliminate unnecessary clicks and to allow users to work from various screens in policyIQ rather than having to be in the “right” table or menu. Have a combination of pages that are published and checked out to other users that you’d like to work on or re-assign to another person? No problem! Highlight and take action on all of the pages with the same destination; policyIQ will no longer require you to carry out different steps depending on the original stage of the content. Ahhhh…much more user friendly!
  • We are working to incorporate commonly accepted standards into policyIQ functionality and navigation. Notice, when you double click on a Folder in the table, it drills down into that Folder and displays subfolders and/or the content within the Folder. Double-click now allows you to navigate rather than opening the properties of a Folder, Template or other objects. Look for the Edit options in the toolbar or above the toolbar if you do wish to edit properties.
  • We’ve packed a powerful little punch (three of them, actually) in the lower left corner of policyIQ’s table. o From left to right, we have “Reload Table”, “Up level”, “Reset Table”. (See Figure 2 below.)

Figure 21301_Release-Notes_Table_tools

  •     Reload Table – Reload any table with updated data (esp. helpful in report results).
  •     Up Level – Automatically move up one level in your structure.
  •     Reset Table – Reset your table back to the defaults, including order of columns, sort order and filters.


Were you frustrated by having to click each one of your 25 fields in your Template in order to display them as column headings in your report results? Guess what? Your feature request is among those implemented in v7.0! We’ve added the ability to add all Template fields as column headings to the output of your report using one click action. A visual “select all” option has been added to the “Edit Columns” area of the Report builder.


Generally speaking, we are working to eliminate pop-ups as much as possible—either by placing functionality directly on 1st-level screen or by replacing the pop-up with a “modal”. What the difference? Modals operate faster and present less interference with pop-up blockers. The way that you will likely observe a difference is by the placement of the actions: pop-ups still have a toolbar at the top of the window, while modals have action buttons in the lower right corner.

Want to see for yourself? Add a new Folder—this is a pop-up window. Now select the toolbar option to Reorder the Folders—this is a modal.

You will also find evidence of our work to streamline windows and eliminate pop-ups by looking at the Security tab of a Page. Notice the ability to adjust Page Security is all visible within the tabs on the window—no need to launch a pop-up to select appropriate groups or users.

User Experience

We hope that your Advanced Users will also be excited and echo the positive experience that our Beta users have reported. On multiple levels, we have worked to make the experience easier to use, faster, and more powerful. We do not expect these users to require training to make the transition from version 6 to version 7. This release is simpler to navigate than any prior version.

Read Only and Standard Users may notice improvements in performance and some updating of the color and style in version 7, but they might not otherwise notice a change.

In the past, Read Only users only had appropriate Folders visible to them and could see RSS Feeds and WhistleBlower if you had it enabled. They often use Search to find content. They will still be able to locate content in the same ways. News Feeds will no longer appear in the left navigation if the feature is not enabled in your site.

Your Standard Users are accustomed to accessing the links within Forms Assigned/In Progress to complete their forms. The Dashboard presentation of their forms, Folders and Search capabilities is unchanged. What they will have, now, is the ability to add filters to their Advanced Searches. This is an improvement introduced with v7.

Visual learners, have a look!

If you would like to watch our guided tour through policyIQ’s version 7 enhancements (including a couple that we did not share in the live webinar), click on this link to launch the video.

Coming soon!

Version 7.0 will be rolled out to production sites in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on your email for a call to sign up for your release window. For more information on roll-out plans, refer to this post or contact Support@policyIQ.com.

See what clients have to say about policyIQ’s version 7!

As we’re wrapping up our beta testing period, the policyIQ team is chomping at the bit to share our latest release with the world! Version 7.0 of policyIQ has been in the hands of clients since late November. The beta testers have provided us with invaluable feedback leading to product tweaks and bug fixes. They have also shared their excitement and positive feedback about their experience of this latest release…and we want to share some of their comments with you!


It won’t be long now…the production release of policyIQ’s version 7 is right around the corner! Watch your email for an invitation to select your upgrade window.