Time and Expense Reporting – What do you need to know about your projects?

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policyIQ version 7.4 first introduced the Time and Expense reporting features.  Teams can now track projects and tasks, and enter the hours and dollars that are spent on any task.  Project managers can track their budget against actuals, and assign tasks to users.

After releasing 7.4, we listened to our clients’ feedback.  While the data around projects was being tracked, some questions about that information weren’t easily answered. With policyIQ version 7.5, the T&E tracking has been further enhanced with more reporting options to answer those questions.

Project progress details at your fingertips!

With these new reporting options, you can have progress details on your projects available at your fingertips.  Reporting options include…

  • Project Detail
  • Task Detail
  • Time/Expense Detail

By selecting the option that you want to focus on, you choose the level of detail that you’ll be drilling down into.  Time/Expense Detail report types, for example, will bring up results listing individual time or expense records that meet your filter criteria.

Take a quick look at some of these possible reports – and consider how YOU might benefit from managing projects in policyIQ!

  • All Open (Incomplete) Tasks related to Audit Testing
    • Task Detail Report Type
    • Filters would include:
      • Properties = Not Completed
      • Links to Templates = Audit Test
  • Budget vs Actuals Comparison of 2015 Projects
    • Project Detail Report Type
    • Filters would include:
      • Dates between 01/01/2015 – 12/31/2015 (or filtered by Category if categorized by year)
    • Columns would include:
      • Estimated Hours
      • Actual Hours
      • Estimated Cost
      • Actual Cost
  • My Hours So Far This Year
    • Time/Expense Detail Report
    • Filters would include:
      • Assigned To (Me)
      • Submitted after 01/01/2015


If you haven’t yet explored the Time and Expense features of policyIQ, drop us an email and we’d be happy to connect and discuss further!  Or join our upcoming policyIQ Q&A sessions via live webinar

policyIQ – Your Project and Process Management Tool

We recently shared tips for project managers and other leaders on developing a strong communication plan and in other posts have discussed how Custom Alerts can be used to notify employees, vendors, and other stakeholders of impending deadlines, deliverables and of milestones achieved and steps completed.


We described how the Page Expiration feature can be utilized to help keep your content up to date by reminding content owners that it is due for review. Have you considered the fact that the Page Expiration Date can be set to any date within the specified range? This is another feature that project managers and leaders can use to trigger action, such as reaching out to a vendor, upon a specified date.

We also want to draw renewed attention to the intelligence of your documentation.

This summer, we worked with a number of organizations looking to more easily get to reliable information that they need to make decisions. A client looking to more readily identify contracts approaching their expiration and those over a certain dollar amount keyed in on the value of tracking these relative attributes in policyIQ, setting up related reports, and adding those reports to their Dashboard (in Favorite Reports). Another client shared their passion for populating as much of their organizations documentation as possible in policyIQ (starting with policies and procedures, contracts, risks and controls) so that the employees who work with that information can benefit by easily tracking down information using policyIQ’s “Search” feature and then knowing that they are looking at the most up to date content.

Consider how these same features serve anyone overseeing a process or project. If you are tracking the appropriate variables in your content, you can use policyIQ’s Search and Reporting capabilities to easily source critical information in with little time or effort. Look up applications touched by a particular process, all processes touched by a particular application, employee Roles that have responsibility to a changing process or all processes that will be impacted by a changing Role. Implementing a new system? If you track “Applications Used” in all of your procedures and look up those that may be replaced or touched by the new system, it will help you to pinpoint the audience that should be included in your change management and training plan.

Depending on how you came to know us, you might think of policyIQ as an Account Reconciliation Management application, a Contract Administration tool, an online authoring and workflow management tool or a repository for policies and procedures, or a system for testing controls…the fact is, policyIQ is all of these things. It is simply a content management application. Configure it to serve you and your organization’s needs well. If you find yourself still engaging in manual work or your employees or colleagues still struggle to find, share or manage information, give us a holler and let us give you some ideas about how you can better manage your projects or processes.