Work Smarter – policyIQ On-The-Go!

IMG_3479We’ve all heard the phrase “Work Smarter, not Harder”.  We keep that phrase in mind with every release of policyIQ, as we try to make each version of policyIQ smarter than the version before.

In version 7.6, we’ve added an improved mobile interface, allowing easier and more functional access to policyIQ on your mobile devices.  When policyIQ recognizes that it is being used from a mobile device, it will adjust the settings and provide a different interface, allowing you to easily search, navigate, approve items or respond to forms!

Respond to Forms via Mobile Devices!

IMG_3480Probably the biggest change in the newest version of the mobile interface is the ability to respond to forms.  When issuing out 302 Certifications, Control Reviews, Risk Assessments, Policy Sign-Offs or other critical certifications and questionnaires, your employees can now review the information on their mobile device to quickly complete their certifications.  For those team members who are frequently travelling – or for folks without regular access to desktop computers – this is invaluable!

Mobile access has our clients buzzing!

IMG_3481In one of our early release notes review sessions, Donna McLean, Knowledge Manager at Surgical Care Affiliates, expressed her excitement about the mobile access.  Now that version 7.6 has been released, we asked Donna how she feels about the mobile interface:

I love it!  It will give me quick access to look up a policy reference for a facility that is in the throes of a survey, or an Administrator who needs to refer to an HR policy and is having trouble locating it, and I’m not sitting at my desk to do so.  I’ll be travelling in a couple of weeks, and I know that inevitably things will pop up while I’m waiting for planes and I’ll need to get to PIQ in a hurry.  It is nice to know that I can from my tablet or phone.

Have you hesitated in the past to add your certifications or sign-offs to policyIQ?  There is no better time than NOW.   Contact us about pricing to expand the number of users who have access to forms, or to get some help to set up your new process!

Wishing to Automate Control Self-Assessments?

It’s that time of year again—when we’re seeing a wave of companies hoping to finally manage their Control Self-assessments more efficiently. Yes, we can help you to set up your policyIQ site to automate the process of issuing the questionnaires, simplify the submission of responses and take away the laborious, albeit tedious, activity of having to inventory responses and determine who you’ve heard from, who has not yet responded, and to identify any outliers that require follow-up work.

gearsIf you’re ready to dive in and just want a few pointers, we’ve written about this topic a number of times. Feel free to pull from these tips or reach out to us and we’ll schedule a quick working call to walk you through the steps.

If you’re not sure where to begin, but you recognize that it’s time to get off the gerbil wheel, we can help you to start the conversation and put all of the necessary pieces in place. Following are some common project management-like questions that may help to move the policyIQ implementation for Control Self-assessments forward:


  • Do you have a project manager in charge of the implementation of policyIQ?
    • If yes, great! We can guide your PM through the steps for implementation and have you up and running by next quarter!
    • If not, no problem—we have project management expertise and can connect you with a subject matter expert to help you get the job done by next quarter.
  • Do you already have policyIQ Site Administrators? We recommend having no less than two so that each has a back-up and that you limit the number of Site Administrators to avoid “too many cooks in the kitchen”.
  • We can import content from Excel. On that note…self assessment
    • What is the condition of your data? Is it up-to-date and accurate or does it require “scrubbing”?
    • Do you have a current Risk/Control Matrix?
    • Is your data in several decentralized spreadsheets with varying degrees of completeness and consistency…or organized and readily accessible?
  • Do you know what questions you want to ask in your Control Self-assessment Questionnaire(s)?
    • Related/furthermore – do you plan to ask one set of generic questions of all respondents or do you have several questionnaires with specific questions for each relevant respondent?
  • Do you know who needs to answer questions (and which questions they have to answer)?
  • Do you have a formal review or approval requirement (or do you wish that you did)? If so, who needs to approve the responses? Does it depend on the business unit, role or location of the Control Owner or do you have a single office responsible for overseeing the responses?

With this information, we can pretty easily get you set up! Contact us at or 866.753.1231 and we’ll schedule some time to work together through your questions and get started on saving you time (and, therefore, money) asap!