Featured Feature: Import (helps you to start fresh!)

import_definitionWebster gives us a pretty easy to understand definition of import, but did you know that Import is also a utility under policyIQ’s Tools & Settings menu that enables Site Administrators to bulk load items that exist outside of the system into policyIQ?

Most policyIQ clients had an experience of policyIQ’s Import capabilities when they first implemented policyIQ—it is the fastest way to get all of your content from other systems and spreadsheets into policyIQ. However, many of today’s policyIQ users inherited their instance of policyIQ and, so, you may not be aware of how easy it is to load new content into policyIQ or to replace existing content.

With the events impacting public companies, we are hearing from a number of clients who want to revamp their existing policyIQ implementation by importing COSO’s 17 Principles and 87 Points of Focus. We are also working with a number of companies who are taking this opportunity to start fresh with a new examination of the Risk Assessment and associated Risks, Controls and Tests. All of this content can be captured and linked, just as procedures can be linked to related policies, so that you have very useful reporting capabilities. In any case, if your organization is considering the use of policyIQ to help automate processes and make the oversight and management more effective and efficient, we encourage you to take advantage of the import utility in policyIQ.

For information on how to import content, check out the online policyIQ Help guide and navigate to the import section:

For those visual learners, you will also find a link to a video walkthrough of the importing process within the Help guide. Of course, you are welcome to reach out to the policyIQ Support team with any questions: support@policyIQ.com. Let us know if you’d like to discuss your options regarding starting over—maybe you’d like to get a brand new policyIQ site with the updated framework and our latest recommendations already configured. We are happy to accommodate you. Reach out to us!