Remember when having your head in the clouds was considered a bad thing?

12-11Cloud-imageI recently read an article published by the AIIM organization discussing the struggle that some companies are still having with the pressure to move business information to the cloud. It recaps some of the well-known advantages of incorporating cloud technology into your IT framework, such as centralized access to information, a movement toward easy collaboration among employees from different locations, the reduction (and, hopefully, elimination) of a dependence on email to track down information and updates, and—in the case of some of the more advanced applications like policyIQ—version control, tailored security, and workflow features that contribute to and support your information governance goals.

A point made in the post that we’ll likely hear more often going forward is that companies may not have control of whether or not they make a shift to the cloud for management of their information. By now you’ve probably heard the phrase: the consumerization of IT. People are past that phase where they were unsure of the security around online banking. The newest generation of e12-11nothing-less-in-the-workplacemployees has only known online bill-pay. Most have never had—and never will have—a checkbook. Likewise, consumers have found that going to the web to find their friends, their shopping lists, their music and their photographs is simply commonplace. They expect to have access to everything that is important to them from anywhere! They expect nothing less in the workplace.

The ramifications, then, of not investigating and communicating your strategy for using cloud technology in your organization, is that your employees will likely fill the void by making their own selections (I do mean selections—plural) that have not been properly vetted internally. If you haven’t made a move because you’re concerned about the security of cloud technology, then don’t leave the decision up to your employees who are likely more concerned about the utility of the apps and products that they are choosing.

When you do consider making information available for online collaboration, you’d be better served by also selecting a platform that affords you the opportunity to leverage that information. policyIQ makes it simple to distill the information in your procedures, contracts or regulations down to specific steps, deadlines, dollar amounts, responsible parties, and so on. Getting a handle on the details within your documentation will propel your organization forward with the ability to report on and analyze your information and to make nearly instant business decisions that previously took many man-hours and days to discover.

So, go ahead…let your head wander into the clouds a bit…and contact us to arrange a look at how policyIQ–our secure and affordable, web-based, content management application–can serve your needs.