Tips for Annual Maintenance of policyIQ Users

It is that time of year when many companies are working on final testing and will soon be considering what kinds of improvements they’d like to make in 2015. We encourage you to reach out to the policyIQ Team while things are fresh in your mind. We can give you guidance on making adjustments to your Templates, adding fields, shifting your Groups structure around a bit—whatever tasks will better align policyIQ with your changing and current processes.

Along these lines, we know that many of our clients think about cleaning up policyIQ this time of year and have questions about how to best audit their users in policyIQ. We have some guidance that really applies to all policyIQ users—guidance that you might write into your annual maintenance tasks!

Std User Report

  1. First, we suggest you run a report that is already available to you in policyIQ’s Standard Reports: “User List with Roles, Groups and Last Log On”. The report will return just about everything you need to determine whether you need to keep these users in policyIQ or not.
  2. Sort by “Last Log On” – Look through the dates when users last logged into policyIQ. Perhaps you can delete users who have never logged in or who haven’t logged in for a long time.
  3. Sort by “Role” – Adjust roles so that users have only the highest role that they need (this may help to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen making changes to your site’s configuration or to your policyIQ content). We recommend just a couple of Site Administrators and only a couple of Project Managers. Examine the Roles assigned to your users. Are some of them better suited in the Manager Role?
  4. Sort by “Last Name” – Do you recognize names of people who have left the company? Be sure to assign their work to their replacement(s) and remove them from policyIQ.
  5. Sort by “Group” – Perhaps some employees have changed jobs within the company and they should be moved to different groups in policyIQ. Or maybe they should not have the same level of access.

If you need additional support to actually click through these (or other) policyIQ adjustments, you may refer to your online policyIQ Help guide (click the “?” in the top right corner) or reach out to us at Configuration guidance is always free—we want to help you start 2015 off with your best foot forward!