You’re doing a great job!

How often do you hear this or say it to someone else?

Support - becoming a momMaybe it was becoming a mom that enabled me to better recognize that acknowledgement of a person’s effort is invaluable for trust and relationship building. It seems like a no-brainer, as a parent, that you want to encourage your little people to have confidence and enthusiastically try new things and accomplish new feats.

Are you often told that you’re doing a great job—by your peers, clients, or boss? When the store clerk or waiter hands you your receipt and circles the address on the bottom where you can go to share your feedback, do you? Do you regularly highlight great work, progress, or effort of the people that you encounter in the workplace—colleagues, stakeholders, vendors?

I don’t always remember or make time to do it either.

But I want to.

Sometimes, when I have, the recipient is surprised and even tells me how unusual it is. Maybe this is why I’m struck by the fact that our policyIQ Support Team consistently receives compliments and messages of “thanks” from our clients:

Support - Thank you

Now, consider how often you could–with sincerity–pay such compliments to your other software providers?

We’d love to partner with you.

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From our Supreme Tech Nerd (aka Senior Director of Technology) to Yours

Introducing Matthew Krummert, Senior Director of Technology at RGP, policyIQ. Matt was asked to share his thoughts on some of the common concerns of IT professionals related to cloud applications—and to tell us what some of those concerns are. Matt noted that there are a lot of applications that don’t always fit the customer’s needs, implementation of new products often takes months or years, it seems there are always hurdles to getting your information back from them, you’re never totally comfortable that your content is secure, you have a long wait for support departments to address your concerns, and you’re not sure if anyone on the other end is listening. Following are Matt’s thoughts on how policyIQ stacks up against these concerns.

Especially utilized for small to medium sized businesses, the cloud is transforming the way software works through its reduction of IT risks and ongoing support costs.  Through utilizing these benefits, and those from Web2.0, policyIQ continues to transform the way that businesses handle their content and GRC needs.

Cloud delivery is less risky: Easy to turn on…and to turn off.

Purchasing software can be a complex process as you are never entirely sure what you are getting. Because policyIQ works on demand, organizations are able to mitigate that by testing the software out prior to purchase in a 30-day free trial site. Because policyIQ uses web2.0 features, you can customize the site to fit your needs to ensure that each installation is an optimal package for you and your organization. This means that companies are also able to have a site up and running in a couple of hours and configured for everyday use in a matter of days or weeks rather than typical months-long implementations. If you are not completely satisfied, policyIQ allows you to disconnect at any time and receive a direct delivery of your content to your designated contact.

Is the content really secure? Yes!

Seamless security is also a concern for most departments. Upon creating a site, policyIQ offers three options for authentication: single sign on, custom authentication using SHA1, and LDAP (or Active Directory) security. Once you are in the site, you are able to set security down to the granular item level (a Page, File, or Weblink) or folder in a user or group based fashion which allows multiple departments of an organization to use the site concurrently and securely without knowing that the others exist.

Power at your fingertips and Support to back you up!

Mistakes are always a possibility:

“I deleted something that I need after all.”
“I made changes to the wrong content.”

For these instances, policyIQ utilizes a simple recycling bin, and also offers snapshots which you can schedule at will. Through utilizing either of these processes, policyIQ empowers an individual to fix most potential problems that come up directly within the application. You can also ask any of our existing clients or refer to our recent survey results to rest assured that our Support department is top notch! They address any questions that you have quickly and thoroughly…and you will get to see your ideas for future development come to fruition! We’re actually listening.

Speaking of listening, we’d love to hear from you! If you haven’t already seen a demonstration of policyIQ, go to our website to sign up for a personalized demo or to watch our 5 minute video introduction.

Talk to you soon!

Need a push? We’ll help you to get things done with Custom Support Services!

yay-10260170One of the most important lessons I learned in my career was to know when to ask for help. (I had to learn that one the hard way, so it certainly has stuck with me.)  Trying to figure something out on your own is a good way to learn, but if you are already overtaxed with other work or if you are just spinning your wheels, you should feel comfortable asking for a little push.

We’re happy to push you

Okay, this might not be the best metaphor

The policyIQ team is committed to empowering our users with the skills they need to manage their policyIQ application on their own. However, we’re also available to help you when you just don’t have the capacity or resources to get it done

Have you explored Custom Support Services

Our policyIQ team offers a menu of Custom Support Services to help our clients to be successful. We’ve listed the most common tasks that we are asked to perform for policyIQ clients, such as:

  • delivering custom training sessions,
  • creating reports or custom queries,
  • helping to roll forward audit testing for a new year,
  • or updating configuration settings.

Take a look at the suggestions we’ve pulled together of things we might be able to assist your team with!

Most services are offered at an hourly rate, and with the deep experience of the policyIQ team performing the services, we aim to keep those hours as short as possible! This list is not all-inclusive – and we’re happy to discuss your needs to determine if and how we can assist your team.

Need additional help on a project basis?

RGP has a large community of consulting professionals who can assist your organization with larger project needs. If you want to optimize a process, implement a new compliance initiative or just get policy documentation updated, we’ll connect you with our local representatives to find a consultant with the right skills.

Did your provider over-promise and under-deliver?

The policyIQ Team has heard from a number of companies in the last year who are disappointed with their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool or the tool’s provider. One product has a painful habit of losing the audit team’s electronic workpapers. Another product provider says that you can include hyperlinks and links between content in their product, but users have found that hyperlinks are often broken and attempted access can cause the product to lock up.

FrustratedWe have worked with several companies who feel trapped by their providers—the implementation project has turned into multiple projects consuming considerably more time and money than initially anticipated. How do they halt the moving train and account for the sunk costs? One contact said that he was three years and $300,000 into the implementation of a GRC tool, but still couldn’t be sure if it meets all of their needs because significant portions of the company’s priorities have not yet been implemented.

We’ve heard other examples of companies who committed to purchase and hire the required consultants for the product implementation; only to learn later that they need to purchase another module (or several) if they want to take advantage of features that connect their related processes and documentation.

We pride ourselves on being a different kind of provider

Did you know that your purchase of policyIQ gives you full access to all policyIQ features and functionality so that you may realize gains in efficiency and effectiveness enterprise-wide?

how do clients use policyIQWhile our development effort is focused in the GRC space, companies have taken advantage of how easy policyIQ is to use and to leverage for multiple departments and initiatives. We used to try to document everything that our clients were doing, but we can’t keep up any longer!

policyIQ truly is a one-stop shop that is easy to use and implement. We can have a new site available to users usually within the same day and the average implementation (ie. for SOX, Internal Audit, Policy Management or Contract Administration) takes less than 8 weeks. How do you know that I am not over-promising and under-delivering? We have a long list of happy customers who would be happy to be a reference. Here’s what some of them have had to say recently:

  • Regarding a new implementation: “Thank you again for all of your help with getting this tool up-and-running!”
  • Regarding guidance for applying policyIQ in a new way: “Thanks for the info and your time.  It really is appreciated and extremely helpful.”
  • Regarding a product upgrade: “The performance is better than it used to be, always a good thing when we can improve the user experience!”
  • Regarding a product upgrade: “Love the changes to the file upload feature.”
  • Regarding help from our Support team: “Thank you!  Everything looks great.  I found two mistakes, but they were my fault. 🙂 I can easily fix them.  Thank you so much for importing them so quickly!”
  • Regarding help from our Support team:  “FYI.  As always, your help desk is amazing.”
  • Regarding a feature request that moved into development: “Thank you for the update!  I look forward to testing the new functionality.”
  • Regarding a feature request that we determined was out of scope for policyIQ: “I appreciate your guys’ hard work keeping me updated on the status of these ideas.”
  • Regarding the implementation of the 2013 COSO Framework: “It was really as simple as you said it would be.”

I would be remiss if I did not mention that most of the services provided that these users gave us positive feedback on were free services! The value received with the purchase of user-licenses for policyIQ is extraordinary.

You might also notice that we welcome ideas regarding future development from our clients. They enjoy free upgrades with the latest functionality to help them work more efficiently.

And that comment regarding looking forward to testing the new functionality? Don’t worry. We don’t push new features and bug infested releases to our production clients to test. This is another piece of feedback that we received regarding a “big name” audit tool. We have a full testing protocol and QA process instituted for every release. We also have some very enthusiastic clients who continually sign up to be early adopters or beta testers. That kind of direct customer involvement and feedback is invaluable to us and to other users. We are sincerely grateful for the remarkable policyIQ community!

So, let us know when you would like to have your policyIQ site up and running—we’re ready to help!

Guest Blogger: “Can a software company have integrity?”

Karen Kronauge, is a Director of Technology Projects with Equinox Funds, a policyIQ client since 2010. Ms. Kronauge offered to share her thoughts regarding recent software support experiences. (In the interest of full disclosure, Ms. Kronauge was a member of the policyIQ team until 2008, when she left RGP.)  Thank you, Karen! If you are interested in being a policyIQ “Guest Blogger”, please contact us!

Can a software company have integrity?  I suppose that’s maybe a strange question, like asking if a company can have a “soul”, I suppose.  Our team recently had a software experience that sure made us contemplate this question.

Our team recently fired a software vendor.  I’ll just call this company “Big Name Software”, in an attempt to not get myself in trouble by naming names.  We used this Big Name Software for expense reporting: to enter expense reports, reconcile back to our corporate Amex, and then pay employees.  Now, this software vendor was not a little “mom and pop” type of operation.  In fact, it was the largest online expense management software in North America.  You might be thinking that maybe we fired Big Name Software due to cost, or maybe we just didn’t need all of the features that they offer.  But that wasn’t the reason for the change:  the real reason boiled down to a lack of integrity.

We experienced some problems with Big Name Expense Reporting Software, but our list was actually pretty short: #1) there were bugs in Big Name’s Expense reporting software, however, #2) their software support team was unable (or incapable) of identifying the cause of the problem.

Now, “Bugs Happen”, as they say, and it might even make for a good bumper sticker!  As sure as the sun rises in the East, anytime you have software, you’ll get an occasional bug.  Our real problem with Big Name was really with reason #2.  Every time we would reach out to Big Name’s support team, we’d have to re-explain the problem, and essentially re-prove to someone new that what we were experiencing was an actual bug (and that we weren’t crazy or stupid).  Oh, and I guess that brings me to our problem #3 with Big Name Software: Big Name’s customer support team had no resolution and no workaround for us — ever.  As you might imagine, this resulted in our frustration, occasional yelling, and (embarrassingly enough) sometimes throwing items at walls in sheer anger.

Our team realized, at long last, that we would need to find another expense reporting software to replace Big Name.  We were not eager to make this decision, as the setup is painstaking and time consuming, not to mention expensive.  In calling other major expense reporting players in the marketplace, I mentioned the reason why we were shopping for software: that we were looking to leave one of their competitors as soon as possible.  I thought that this point alone would have resulted in all of these salespeople literally jumping at the chance to call me back immediately and get in on this excellent opportunity.  We were essentially telling vendors that we were a shoo-in for purchasing software THIS WEEK!  “Please, just let us make our check out to you, New Expense Reporting Software Company!”  But alas, there were three (THREE!) companies that took well over 48 hours to call us back to even discuss scheduling a demonstration.  I felt like this was an indicator of how their service might be: if they weren’t eager to show us a demonstration when they don’t yet have our money, then they probably wouldn’t be too eager to call me back when I have a software support question or problem.  Since the last thing we wanted to do was jump out of the frying pan and into the fire, we immediately crossed these software vendors off of our potential purchase short list.

Why am I telling you this story?  Because we also happen to be a policyIQ customer as well.  We discovered a bug in one of our policyIQ Public Forms last week.  I called policyIQ’s support team to let them know about it.  Greg, a policyIQ Support team member, asked me some very specific questions, clearly trying to understand the full picture of the problem.  I could tell that he was also making notes about this issue as we went.  That was important to me – and it struck me as being very different from my “bad” experiences with the expense report software company.  At the end of the call, Greg told me that he’d log and share this problem with the rest of the team, and that they’d get back with me in the next day or so with their findings.  Sure enough, I heard back from Greg a day later, and he informed me that they had identified the problem in the software, and that they were working on the resolution.  Jump to a few days after that and a “patch” had been installed.  Whew!  That was sure easier than my last experience with the expense reporting software company!  It’s so refreshing to deal with a company that can actually help us when we call their support line.

We’ve successfully transitioned to a new expense accounting software now, at long last.  This New Expense Reporting Software company has been much better to work with.  After reflecting on our journey, I’ve realized this: the absence of integrity sure does make a user long for it.  It’s important to be heard.  It’s even more important to be heard when something is broken and you’re asking for help.  So, back to my original thought: can a software company have integrity?  I say YES!  They can.  And we’ve experienced it first-hand with the policyIQ support team recently.  Our team would like to express our THANKS to everyone at policyIQ who helped to quickly resolve our issue!