Introducing the policyIQ Reader!

policyIQ has long provided read-only access to content that exceeds the capabilities of many other products. Not only are organizations able to provide read-only access to content, but you are also able to tailor that access to specific content for various audiences (rather than all/nothing, site-wide read-only access, as some other products icing on the cakedo). Here’s the icing on the cake…

Read-only Access is FREE.

An organization can set up as many read-only access accounts or users as you’d like at no charge. Just imagine the possibilities!

  • Employee Handbook
  • Corporate Policies
  • Policies and Procedures by Region, Location, Service Line, or Division of Business
  • External Auditor View
  • Compliance View
  • Public, Customer, Vendor, Partner or Student View

The sky’s the limit, really!

Now, policyIQ also has a new viewing option for those read-only access accounts:

policyIQ Reader

The policyIQ Reader allows a very light weight presentation of the content that you have chosen to share with any specific audience and it simplifies the reader’s view and access to the content. With the recent release of the 7.5.2 patch, your Read-only Access accounts now have two links provided at the bottom of the profile window: the traditional pass-thru link and a new policyIQ Reader link.

Reader Link

Just as you have in the past, you may place this link behind a shortcut on your intranet or internet sites and voila—it’s that easy!

If you would like to question-storm possible applications of free read-only access, we love that sort of thing and look forward to setting some time aside with you. Reach out to us!

Talk to you soon and happy daydreaming about all of the things that you could manage more efficiently in one centrally accessible platform with governance, reporting, questionnaires, audit trail, managed workflow and more, right “out of the box”!