What’s new in policyIQ? Best Practices, Tips and Ideas

As the business world changes, policyIQ adapts!  Our development team is always updating and streamlining policyIQ to create an easy-to-use display of all your company’s vital policy changes, risk assessments, or audit plans–all at the click of a mouse!

Our product experts Chris Burd and Stephenie Buehrle will share their ideas for how policyIQ can be used and will cover the key changes to policyIQ’s since the version 7 upgrade. Some of the functionality that they will discuss includes:

  • New field types, such as calculated fields or multi-line text fields;
  • Ability to track changes in text fields;
  • Enhanced capabilities for approvers;
  • Additional notifications and alerts, including Custom Alerts on Forms;
  • And much more!

Participants will be eligible to earn 1 CPE credit for attending.

It all starts Thursday, May 29th, at 12:00 noon EST.  Register today, and we’ll see you there!

Version 7.0 is released into the wild! Check out the “live action” release notes!

It is official – version 7.0 has been released into the wild!  Several of our policyIQ clients have been upgraded.  (If you requested the “First Wave” of upgrades, stay tuned for more information coming soon.)

Have you had a chance to see version 7.0 yet?  Even if you have taken the opportunity to review the written version of the policyIQ version 7.0 Release Notes, we’d like to encourage you check out the “live action” version.

Product Director Stephenie Buehrle has recorded a webinar overview of our policyIQ version 7.0 Release Notes, so that you see the changes in action, while learning tips and tricks for using the new features.  We highly encourage your Advanced Users to check out the changes via this recorded webinar.


policyIQ Version 7.0 – Your Questions. Our Answers.

QandABy now you have all heard us talk quite a bit about policyIQ version 7.0 – and we love that you are almost as excited as we are for the new product to be rolled out.  You have questions about the timing and content of policyIQ version 7.0 – and we have answers.

When will version 7.0 be rolled out?

We have not yet set a roll-out date, as there are still items in testing.  However, we do expect to be announcing that roll-out date very soon.

Are we going to have to re-learn policyIQ all over again?

No!  While policyIQ version 7.0 provides significant enhancements, our intention was to retain the core functionality.  In fact, your Standard and Read-Only users will notice only some small style changes – and faster performance – in the upgraded product.

As one of our policyIQ version 7.0 beta clients put it, “If you have used a previous version of policyIQ, there is no additional training necessary.”

(Have you checked out the other comments from our beta testers?)

What are these enhancements?  How can we learn more?

A few months ago, we published a sneak peek into some of these new enhancements.  You can check that out on our policyIQ blog.

Even better, next week we will be presenting our first live “Version 7.0 Release Notes Review” via WebEx.  Join us on Thursday, January 24th at 3 PM ET / Noon PT for this 60 minute review of the new functionality, with a 30 Q&A session to follow!

Do we have to upgrade?

We are anticipating that we will upgrade all of our policyIQ hosted clients to version 7.0.  This version provides superior functionality, improved performance and an updated technology platform.  We want to be sure that all of our clients have the most optimized policyIQ experience available.

Do I have to upgrade right away?

We do plan to allow for an upgrade window of at least six months for all of our hosted clients.  We will ask clients to let us know if they prefer to be in our first wave, second wave or third wave of clients to be upgraded.  We will have limited capacity in each wave of upgrades; when we reach out to your organization, please let us know your preference so that we can be sure to accommodate you.

How much downtime will we have to plan for?

Moving from policyIQ version 6 to policyIQ version 7.0 will be a very smooth process, with only around 30 minutes of downtime required for most sites.  The upgrades will be performed during off hours to minimize disruption.

For clients who are still using policyIQ version 5, we will need to go through the conversion process.  We’ll ask for you to plan for a day of downtime to complete the conversion and testing.

So what is our next step?

Register for our Release Notes Review that will be presented next week – and stay tuned!  We will continue to bring you new information – and we’ll be reaching out very soon to ask for your preferred upgrade timing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

See what clients have to say about policyIQ’s version 7!

As we’re wrapping up our beta testing period, the policyIQ team is chomping at the bit to share our latest release with the world! Version 7.0 of policyIQ has been in the hands of clients since late November. The beta testers have provided us with invaluable feedback leading to product tweaks and bug fixes. They have also shared their excitement and positive feedback about their experience of this latest release…and we want to share some of their comments with you!


It won’t be long now…the production release of policyIQ’s version 7 is right around the corner! Watch your email for an invitation to select your upgrade window.

Take a peek at policyIQ’s version 7 (coming soon)!

Trying to catch up on tasks from your Mac? Is Firefox the preferred browser of your Linux-based facility? Turned on by all-things-Google? The policyIQ team is excited to announce that our cross-browser compatible version is on its way!


Our top priority for our 7th generation of policyIQ is making it usable from the browser of your choice. While making the transition to cross-browser compatibility, we are also focusing on improvements in navigation, performance and usability. What does that mean to our customers?


You will be able to easily identify where to click in order to accomplish your tasks—and you’ll notice that policyIQ continues to get faster and faster.

We recognize that policyIQ users often take advantage of Search, Advanced Search, and Page Detail Reports to zero in on specific content. To complement those features, a new Table Filter feature will afford you much greater flexibility to narrow your view to exactly the content you wish to focus on…without ever leaving the table.


Look for messages in your inbox and in our upcoming newsletters with more information on the kick-off of our winter release, details on enhancements and when you can begin to take advantage of new features!